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1/23/12 The White House G+, Your State of the Union Interview with President Obama, Anonymous Deleted Down Universal, Researchers turn your smartphone into a virtual projector, HTC Thunderbolt: Free at Verizon Until Jan. 26, The 75 Best Android Apps


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  • Anonymous Deleted and Took Down Universal
    Reports are coming in that they had completely knocked out and are continuing their revenge spree. The CBS takedown wasn’t your regular DDoS attack because if you went to at the time Anon attacked it, there was nothing except an index page with a single file. That’s it. Basically, Anonymous gained access to and deleted EVERYTHING. has managed to put itself back up but we’ll be on the lookout of Anonymous’ next move. This is going to be interesting. Last time Anon went on a revenge spree, well, the DOJ, RIAA, MPAA, Universal, EMI, FBI and others all got a piece of the takedown fun.Update: Looks like they just took down again too!
    Update 2: Anon is now going after websites in Brazil. The Hacker News reports that websites of Brazil’s federal district, the city of Tangara da Serra and popular Brazilian singer Paula Fernandes have been brought offline in a DDoS attack. Anonymous’ message on the affected websites? “If Megaupload is down, you are down too.”
    Update 3: Vivendi, a French media company involved in music, film, TV, video games, etc., has been brought down too. Vivendi used to own Universal
  • The White House joins Google+, invites you to Hangout
    President Obama may have been on Google+ since November, but the administration is now stepping up its presence on the social network even further in anticipation of next week’s State of the Union address and the forthcoming presidential campaign. It now has an official White House Google+ page, where it plans to post the usual news, photos and videos, and also host regular Hangout video chats. There’s no promises yet that the President himself will take part, but the White House says it will regularly have administration officials and policy experts take part in the conversations, which will also be streamed on YouTube and

    What is your question for President Obama? On Monday, January 30, the President will join a special +Google+ Hangout from the West Wing and answer questions that have been submitted by Americans from across the country. Ask now at
  • Researchers turn your smartphone into a virtual projector
    Pico projectors are an easy way to increase the screen real estate of your mobile phone, but what if you’d rather not carry one around in your pocket or bulk up your phone’s slim profile with a slip on solution? Well, a team of intrepid researchers may have come up with an elegant solution to your problem that can work with any smartphone and external display: virtual projection. The system works by using a central server that constantly takes screenshots of the external display and compares them with the images from the phone’s camera to track its location. It then replicates what’s on the handset’s screen, while allowing you to add multiple image windows and position and rotate them as you see fit. Additionally, multiple users can collaborate and virtually project pictures or videos onscreen at the same time. Intrigued? See it in action for yourself in the video after the break.
  • HTC Thunderbolt: Free at Verizon Until Jan. 26
    And so rests the champion: Verizon has officially put the HTC Thunderbolt on sale for the low-low price of $0.00, a fitting final tribute for the carrier’s first-ever 4G LTE smartphone. That’s not to say that the company is retiring the smartphone as-is. Rather, it’s simply extending its usual two-year contract discounts to completely cover the already discounted cost of the Thunderbolt. That’s the same Thunderbolt, we note, that was once heralded as “the iPhone killer.” And in many ways did – according to a March 2011 report by BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, sales of the Thunderbolt equaled those of the iPhone in 61 percent of the 150 Verizon Wireless stores surveyed by BTIG at the time. It outsold the iPhone in 28 percent of the surveyed stores.
  • The 75 Best Android Apps
    There are reportedly 400,000 apps in the Android Market, as many as the App Store, but how many of them are worth your time and bandwidth? Far more than 75 (the limit of this article), but this is a good place to start. After spending some time with an endless number of Android apps, we whittled down our favorites based on a combination of factors: creativity, usability, features, utility- apps that make you grateful you’re an Android smartphone owner. You’ll find a mix of Android-only and cross-platform apps that were seamlessly ported to Android. 


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