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1/24/12 Facebook Next? The current state of file sharing websites Google+ Updates Eatwell App Download Physical Objects??


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Tuesday January 24, 2012

  • Facebook to become the newest target of hacker group Anonymous [VIDEO]
    Over the past week, notorious hacker group Anonymous has launched numerous DDoS attacks that disrupted service to a number of popular websites. The global hacker collective recently took down websites belonging to the Department of Justice, Universal Music, the Record Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America to protest SOPA, PIPA and the takedown of Megaupload. According to a new video posted on Monday, Anonymous now aims to take down Facebook. It in unclear as to why Facebook is the group’s new target; while the video mentions SOPA as part of its reason for the attack, Facebook openly opposed the controversial bill. In the past, Anonymous has listed potential targets as the United Nations, Xbox Live, U.S. Bank, Twitter and YouTube.
  • The State of Filesharing Websites

The MegaUpload closing has been making gigantic ripples across file sharing sites everywhere, causing other services like Filesonic to shut down sharing altogether. But how about the others that we recommended?

Here’s how things stand as of Monday morning, 1/23, courtesy of reddit user redFF:
Fileserve – Stopped filesharing. You can only download your own files. Deleting multiple files. Banning Premium accounts. Closed Affiliate Program.
Changed server location Jan 22, 2012. Taken down it’s Facebook page Now using Digital fingerprinting. Files are being deleted as soon as uploaded (as Hotfile did).
VideoBB – Closed Affiliate Program.
Filepost – Started suspending accounts with infringing material (as Hotfile did) – Blocked U.S. access.
Videozer – Closed Affiliate Program.
Filejungle – Owned by Fileserve (same as above). Testing USA IP addresses blocking.
Uploadstation – Owned by Fileserve (same as above). Testing USA IP addresses blocking.
4Shared – Deleting multiple files
EnterUpload – Down (Redirect)
If you’ve got subscriptions to these services, the safe bet is to cancel now and wait and see which one eventually surfaces as the one to use. It’s even possible that anonymous is launching a file sharing site, but who knows if this is real, or if it will pan out.

  • Google+ updates policy to address identity crisis

Almost since it debuted, Google+ has wrestled with the idea of how users can identify themselves on the social network. The company wanted to create a service without pseudonyms or impersonation. But Google+, which now claims 90 million users, had plenty of people sign up who are better known by some other identity than their real name. Google has suspended many of those accounts, much to their users’ chagrin.
Google is changing the policy to “broaden support” for some pseudonyms, Bradley Horowitz, a co-leader of Google+, wrote this afternoon in a Google+ post. Now Google+ will allow users to be known by “established” pseudonyms, such as Madonna. Google will be the final arbiter of what is established. If Google threatens to suspend an account because of a pseudonym, users can appeal by offering, among other things, “proof of an established identity online with a meaningful following.” They can also submit references to an established identity offline that might have appeared, for example, in print media. Or, if the assumed-pseudonymous name is official, users can scan and submit official documentation, such as a driver’s license.

  • EatDifferent Is a Webapp that Helps You Meet Your Diet and Nutrition Goals
    Whether you plan to try out a fancy new fad diet or you just want to make some small positive changes in your eating habits, or whether you want to reboot your diet entirely, EatDifferent is a new webapp that can help you get your diet and nutrition goals down on paper and help your eyes on them and track your progress towards them every day, without the hassle of a traditional food journal or log.
  • The Pirate Bay Wants You to Download Physical Objects NowFile-sharing site The Pirate Bay is apparently expanding its reach into letting users pass one another physical objects to download.Well, that’s actually not the case just yet. But the site is introducing a new category called “Physibles” in anticipation of a day in which “you will print the spare parts for your vehicles.”s are “data objects that are able (and feasible) to become physical,” the site says in its announcement blog post.In other words, files meant for 3D printers. Such printers and scanners are not widespread but do already exist. The Pirate Bay, however, believes that 3D technology will become commonplace before long.“You will download your sneakers within 20 years,” the blog post says.At the time of this writing, the Physibles category contained just three files available for download. Included were apparent data files for a whistle, a model robot and a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle muscle car.



Facebook Next?

The current state of file sharing websites

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Download Physical Objects??

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